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How this book is organised

So Nigeria is the self-organising nation … but how is this book organised?

Consistent with our theme of Nigeria as the self-organising nation, this book is self-organising (the self-organising book about self-organising) and our approach has been designed to allow Nigerians to tell their own stories.

Chapter 1 set up the central self-organizing thesis.

And if you are reading this sentence, then you are reading our website to create the book. We are inviting you to submit stories about self-organising from your own experience. The submissions are meant to create a rich tapestry of self-organizing Nigeria that we can share with all Nigerians.

The guidelines and template for submission can be found here. (‘Tell Us Your Story’)

Then the subsequent chapters will be organised around different types of self-organisation. As discussed above, Nigerians self-organize in every sphere. But our focus at the moment is on collecting stories where the self-organizing impulse works in areas often provided by the central authority in other countries. So at the moment, we are planning chapters on:

  • Security and safety of citizens (examples include policing of public areas like streets, courts, judiciary)
  •  Infrastructure that is a public good (examples include roads, bridge, port, power)
  • Education (example includes schools, universities, madrassas)
  • Healthcare institutions (examples include primary healthcare, maternal care, acute care, Emergency response, mental health etc.)
  • Water, sanitation, refuse collection
  • Protection in time of need (examples include if unemployed, too old to work, disabled, mentally ill)

Of course, we are open to other stories of the self-organizing impulse, and the final book will likely include many other chapters and we welcome being surprised with the range and impact of the self-organizing impulse.

So please click on the links and start contributing. We will assemble all the contributions in each sector in a coherent way and publish the results as a complete book – a book entirely due to the self-organising capabilities of Nigerians

God Bless Nigeria.

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